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Lesson Information


Lesson Information


THE FLORA STYLE is a Preserved Flower arrangement school.

This is an authorized school of THE JPFA in Yokohama.

Open: 10:00~18:00 weekday

10:00~17:00 weekend, holiday

If you are interested in our school, please contact us by TEL or Mail


<Lesson Program>

Trial Lesson: 4,500 yen only once per person (you don't need an entrance fee.)
Let's try our preserved flower arrangement  trial lesson and find your potential!  This Lesson will give you experience making arrangements using preserved flowers and give you a feeling of  THE FLORA STYLE.


Entrance Fee:5,000 yen
Basic course: 33,750 yen(5 Lessons)
if you are interested in preserved flower arranging, let's take this Basic course to learn the basic technique.


Gift course: 57,500 yen(5Lessons)
In this course, you will learn more techniques and you can make popular designs of THE FLORA STYLE.


Flora course: 134,400 yen(8Lessons)
If you want to learn a varety of designs and techniques, you can take this Flora course. You can learn how to use the other flowers apart from roses.


one day lesson: 3,000 yen~( member discount available)
This lesson is offered on spread occasions. such as Mother's day and Christmas. you can try this whenever you have time and creat whatever design you are pleased.


JPFA course
 Entrance Fee: 10,000yen(If you are already  a member of THE FLORA STYLE, it will be 5,000yen.)

If you are planning to work as a floral designer, florist or have your own flower school, you can take the JPFA Diploma course and get the JPFA Diploma.
There are several classes in the JPFA such as warming up class, design class, blooming class and diploma course.
If you want to open  a JPFA authorized school, you must take these 4 courses. Please check the JPFA web site


<About the lessons>
Only women can be accepted for our Lessons. If you would like to cancel a lesson, Please notify us at least 3 day prior to the date of  your Lesson. we accept cash payment only, there are no refunds once the payment is proessed. You can give your arrangement to someone as a gift, because you can wrap your arrangement after each lesson. PlePPle   TO         ..a 
we provide evrything you will need for a lesson, you do not need to prepare anything. 


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